3910 Albright Rd
Kokomo, Indiana
Center Twp Twp., Howard Co., Indiana
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Albright Cemetery is located at 3910 S. Alto Rd, Kokomo, Indiana and is owned and operated by Albright Cemetery, Inc.
The earliest burial dates from 1827. A fire in 1940 destroyed all cemetery records.
This information has been created from re-constructed records provided by Wanda Stevens and a reading by Richard Ingels. 

This site is currently being maintained and updated by Ed Beheler.  Contact Ed Beheler for corrections and additions.

Contact Wanda & Gary Stevens for cemetery management questions at 765-452-2155.

This database was created by John Anderson and contains over 6800 names and links to over 5000 tombstone photographs, taken by Mr. Anderson.

Additional photographs have been taken by James Pointer and Debra Beheler.

The photographs may be used for personal use only.

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Updated 26 January 2020

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