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Howard Co., Monroe Twp., New London, Indiana

Cemetery Map

New London Friends Cemetery has deep roots with the New London Friends Movement. Friends, as they are known, came to New London from Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina in the early 1840’s. The first meeting House was built of logs and was located “east of the Ravine”. It served as Meeting House and school until it burned sometime before 1850. Behind it was what is called by some “The Old Pioneer Cemetery.” Many graves in this cemetery date back to the mid 1800s and before. All that remains of the cemetery from the ravages of time are a strip of legible grave stones placed back to back in a row. In the later 1800s, the cemetery to the west of “The Old Pioneer Cemetery” known to some as the “Honey Creek Cemetery” began. From that, the cemetery expanded to the New London Friends Cemetery as it is known today.

This project was completed by Tom Quinn in December of 2004.

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