North Union Cemetery

4200 S 820 W

Ervin Twp, Howard Co, Indiana

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History Of North Union Cemetery, 1865 – 2009, by Max L. Wilson
Taken from Lydia Diller Salmons Family History (1943)

"This cemetery was laid out in the early part of 1863. It was just a small plot then, taken off the farm. The first grave ever to be dug there was for my mother’s infant cousin Willie Fisher, son of James and Ann French Fisher. He was born March 18,1864. His mother, my Great Aunt, died on March 25th the following year, when he was one week old. My mother was born March 10th the same month. Grandma took the baby, and cared for him and Mama both. He only lived a very short time, he was either but two weeks old or two months. I think it was two months though. Aunt Ann was buried in South Union Cemetery with some of her family, but the weather and roads were so dreadful bad that they put little Willie over in the new cemetery. Grandma could hardly bear to have him laid there all alone. She wanted so much to have him put beside his mother, but it wasn’t long before there was another grave in our row, I think Grandma’s stillborn son was next, but that was a few years later. Cemeteries in that day were rather neglected, grown over with tall ferns, myrtle and briars. Some would care for their graves as best they could but it was a hard battle. Only those living close could do it. There were many old fashioned grass roses growing there. The place filled fast, as families were large then and so many died young. There would be a whole row of one family who died of consumption. So many had it in the early days. North Union has been added to several times since then and is now a beautiful well kept place. It covers a lot of ground. In the row where little Willie was put there are fourteen graves now, and many of our family are scattered elsewhere over the cemetery. We used to walk over to this cemetery evenings, so many others did too. It was a hallowed spot. Now when we go over and I see so many names of loved ones and old friends and neighbors it seems most of the best people are there. George’s parents, Grandparents, Uncles, cousins and three brothers and two sisters are buried there. We and my brother Walter have lots there, and sometime we will be put there with the rest.”

The above description fits so many other families as well. You need but substitute the last name and it would be very similar. The old cemeteries seem to be as much a network of community as well a linage of family.

The record and obituaries would not be possible in their completeness without the diligence to detail of Mary Blangy, who has devoted an enormous amount of time pouring over old newspapers over the years to this cemetery and many others.

This project was completed by Tom Quinn in January of 2007.

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