Also referred to as Brown or Butler Cemetery, this pioneer burial site is located in Ervin Township, Howard County, Indiana.  It is on the farm of Richard Ridenour which is about 3/4 mile south of the Cass County town of Young America.  In early days, there was a north-south road a few yards to the west of the cemetery.  That road was closed many years ago and now only a wide path along the field remains. 

On September 30, 2006 we visited the cemetery with permission of Mr. Ridenour.  He accompanied Patrick Jackson, Patricia Pointer and me (Debby Beheler) to the cemetery.  Mr. Ridenour remembers the last two burials in this old graveyard from his youth.  Patrick and I both have relatives in this old graveyard.  We photographed every stone we located.  Some are no longer decipherable and many are fallen.  There is a creek down the embankment and the soil has eroded over the years.  Contact Debby with additions or corrections.

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